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Justin colorbar

Hi guys! Just found this site today and I've been making colorbars recently. Justin happens to be a new fav. of mine, and so I thought I would make a colorbar to share. :)

Image hosted by

Below is the code to copy to place the image in your own journal...all you need to do is copy & paste it into your user info. Credit is already given in the code...please leave it intact. It also links to my icon journal so that others can find the colorbar easily.

You will have to upload the graphic to your own server. Photobucket has free image hosting. Just replace ***YOUR IMAGE URL HERE*** with the URL for the photo. :)

There are two options:

For it to say: "Justin Chatwin is love" copy here....

For it to say "Justin Chatwin is love TEH SECKS" copy here...

Comments are lovely & Justin is ♥

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