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chatwin_icons's Journal

Justin Chatwin Icons
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This is the #1 and Only Community for Justin Chatwin Icons and Graphics. Please read the rules and follow them.

Icons that are allowed: Anything Justin Chatwin. Your posts must have alteast one icon of Justin in your post whether it's your teaser icons or your whole post. You may also post any other Justin Graphics, Wallpapers, Headers, FO banners, etc.

1.Credit: Keywords for icons, credit is important. If you are caught not crediting anyone posting icons in this community you will be banned. The only way you don't have to credit is if the user say's otherwise, or has a different method of crediting they prefer. If banned, you will be put on the communitys Black List.
2.Customizing: Don't customize or modify anything without the users permission. Resizing and adding your username is modifying.
3.Requests: Requests are okay; Put all requests BEHIND a cut that says "REQUEST".
4.Advertising: No advertising other communities in the forum. If you wish to promote a community related to Justin, get permission from the maintainer first.